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If we were to take all our trouble and all our pain and trace them back to their root, we would find at least one thing in common between them all. Almost all our trouble and pain have come out of unmet expectations—when things don’t turn out as we wanted or believed them to.
This is an attack on our faith. Having faith means that you believe in something with all your heart, that you trust in that belief, and that you remain loyal to that belief. When what we believe does not come true for us, we begin to lose faith in the midst of our disappointment. We begin to replace our trust, to lose hope, and to kill our dreams in order to avoid the pain of being disappointed again.

There are four main expectations that we need to look at to really understand where our pain is coming from: expectations we have of others, expectations we have of ourselves, expectations that others have of us, and expectations we have of God.

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