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Type B Dangers

We already mentioned the danger of generalization that is associated with this type of trauma (see Type A Dangers). Another is in believing that it’s all your fault. It’s easy to look at all of these situations and events in your life and think of yourself as the one common denominator, but it’s time to be honest with yourself about these events. If they truly were your fault, then repent. Ask the Lord for forgiveness, and then (and this is just as important) learn to forgive yourself.

If it wasn’t your fault, then recognize who was truly responsible. Was it a wounded father or mother? Was it a spouse of mate that couldn’t control their anger? Was it a situation beyond anyone’s control? Release yourself from that responsibility, and then forgive. It’s not easy, but you must forgive if you are going to be free. Forgiveness does not release others from responsibility and it doesn’t make what they did right, but unforgiveness keeps us in chains, and it does nothing to punish the people who wronged us. For more information on forgiveness, visit our section on Unforgiveness.

We’ll mention one more danger here, which is blaming God for your trauma. Yes, God is sovereign, and yes, there is nothing that happens in all creation that God does not have the power to stop or change, but remember that God has given us all free will, and know that His love is unending, regardless of the decisions of others that may have hurt you.

We find our world a long way from God’s will, and we need to recognize this—that it is not the will of God for these bad things to happen to us—and we need to release God from this responsibility if we are ever going to be able to approach Him for our healing and freedom.

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