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Imploding may be harder to identify, and may not have nearly the same outward effects as exploding, but it is equally as dangerous. People who implode from anger feel anger just as intensely as explosive people, but they try so hard not to explode that they direct that angry energy internally. The energy has to go somewhere.

Strange though it may seem, imploding also has outward expressions. Internalizing anger can express itself in passiveaggressiveness (like giving someone the “silent treatment”), avoidance of people or responsibility, or even depression, which can greatly affect those around us and especially those we love.

The consequences of imploding include some of those outward expressions, including avoidance (and thus broken or strained relationships) and depression. Depression is one of the most common results that I’ve seen from internalized anger, stemming from deep and ongoing unmet needs. It can be incapacitating and destructive to the depressed person, and can tear apart families and friendships, careers, and even your relationship with God.

This internalization can cause incredible physical and mental stress, and can lead to a series of stress-related health problems, like headaches and migraines, a weakened immune system that leads to regular sickness, depression, problems with blood pressure, nervous twitches or muscle spasms, muscle tenseness, back problems, joint problems, heart attacks, chronic fatigue or tiredness, sleep problems, ulcers, and eating disorders (to name just a few).

Imploding anger can also lead to exploding anger, as the internalized feelings and injustices build up and create pressure in our souls. The pressure continues to build and offense piles up on top of offense until the anger has nowhere to go but out. Keeping anger inside does not address any of the root issues, but simply avoids them until a time when they absolutely have to be dealt with.

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